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1 Do I have to register to place a bid?

Yes, for security reasons, we require all bidders to pre-register with us. Please register well in advance, as the registration approval process make take a few days, including phone call verifications.

2 Can I withdraw a bid after placing it?

No. Please consider your bid carefully before placing it. Placing a bid constitutes a binding legal contract to pay the amount required if you are deemed the winning bidder, and bids once placed cannot be withdrawn.

3 What is a bidding interval?

Bidding interval is the amount by which your bid needs to exceed the current bid. For instance, if the current bid is Rs. 50,000 and the bidding interval is Rs. 500, the next bid must be at least Rs. 50,500.

4 What modes of payment do you accept?

If you are deemed the winning bidder, you must pay by cheque, demand draft or bank transfer within 3 working days as per the invoice that we will email you on your registered email address.

5 Do you accept international payments?

Yes, payments are accepted from across the world! Payments must be made to us in Indian Rupees, with the amount mentioned on the date the invoice is issued. International customers are responsible for also complying with and paying additional taxes and duties on imports that their respective governments may levy.

6 What is the procedure for bidding?

To bid, you must register on our website and submit your government-issued ID for verification. Once your ID is checked and approved by us, you will be able to place bids. You will be entering a binding legal contract to pay the amount you bid if you are declared the winning bidder, as per the terms of this website, so please consider your bid carefully!

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