About Us

At SaltScout, we provide market-based approaches to support fundraising for social causes and to spur the market for socially conscious shopping in a sustainable and scalable fashion.

In other words, we’ve taken on the challenging but exciting task of growing the market for socially conscious spending. This involves many aspects - from carefully connecting with our customers about the impacts of their conscious spending decisions and forging collaborations between NGOs and established players, to leveraging the strengths and skills of others to innovatively support causes.

Our online platform for charity auctions and sales is our first step towards our mission. By unlocking the value of the items, services and skills of our partners, we work with them to raise new revenue streams for social causes close to their hearts.

Stay tuned - we're excited to be working with talented and compassionate partners and industry leaders as we prepare to offer more services to our conscious customers!



We wanted a subtle name with a nice ring to it, which internally represents what we stand for. “Salt” is something raw and nutritious from the earth, and something that people enjoy while it is also good for them - reflecting how we perceive the socially conscious impact that we, our customers and partners strive for. “Scout” reflects service, citizenship and searching - ideals we hold in high esteem. The compass is a central feature of our logo because, as a social enterprise, our sense of direction is pivotal to us.