1 What kind of pieces do you accept for consignment sales?

We can take all types of wearables, including clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, shoes, belts, wallets, shawls, etc in LIKE-NEW condition. Our minimum pickup size is 5 pieces, and it would be great to target as high a volume of pieces as possible! We can take low budget, high-budget and unbranded pieces.

We are unable to take pieces that are torn, faded, stained, have threadballs, or otherwise show any size of wear or manufacturing defects. We cannot take undergarments, decor, toys, books, and any other item that is not a fashion wearable. Please inspect your items closely before sending them to us! Sending us unsellable items can reduce the payout as shipping costs increase accordingly, and can take an environmental toll because of the extra packaging and shipping weight involved in transporting!

2 How do I send you my pieces for consignment sales?

You can send your pieces to 03/604 Niranjan, 99 Marine Drive, Mumbai 400002, Maharashtra, India (#9137713748, hello@dolcevee.com), and seal and clearly label your name, phone number and email ID on all packages.

Or, we can arrange pickup from you. If you are in Mumbai we can arrange local scooter pickup. If you are outside Mumbai we can arrange courier pickup AS LONG AS YOU ARE ABLE TO PRINT THE SHIPPING LABELS THAT WE EMAIL TO YOU WITHIN A DAY. If you cannot print the shipping labels, we cannot book a prepaid pickup - many local stationery shops and cuber cafes have printing facilities! The shipping cost will be deducted from your payout, but you won't have to pay anything upfront.

If you don't have packaging material, we can send this to you (nominal materials cost apply, you don't need to pay upfront). Otherwise, you can use any carton/polybag, including one you may have received with another shopping order. But do make sure your items are tightly packed with no extra space in the package - the smaller the package, the higher your payout because of shipping costs!

3 How is pricing decided for consignment sales?

We set prices based on close study of the market with our fine-tuned algorithm, working to get you the highest viable price that buyers are willing to pay, while also working to ensure your pieces sell in a competitive market by not being overpriced. Please email hello@dolcevee.com and we will send you our most updated pricing table to show you thrift sale prices that you can expect.

4 For consignment sales, how much money will I receive and how will I know when my pieces are sold?

For all sales that occur, 70% of the proceeds net of GST, to-and-fro shipping costs and specialty servicing required, if any, will be transferred to your bank account by the 20th date of each month for all items sold two calendar months prior, to allow time for processing and returns. The rest helps cover overheads and logistics including photography, website uploads and management, online server hosting, online payment gateway fees, packaging, advertising for the sale of items, warehousing, customer service etc. When the final sale of your pieces is done, we will notify you via email regarding the sale of each individual piece as per this schedule.

5 What happens if my consignment pieces don't sell?

We can legally list your pieces for consignment for up to 6 months. If they don't sell within this time, in case you would like them returned, we will email you a payment link to complete within 7 days for the return courier cost!


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