Navy brogues

Rs. 8,100
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Arjun Kapoor's shoe size is EUR 44

This piece has been selected by Arjun Kapoor from his personal closet.

Proceeds support World For All, to provide food and water to stray animals impacted by the lockdown.


Buyers accept that this item is a used piece, and the fact that it has been used is part of its value. Hence, buyers accept the condition of the product as received, acknowledging that it may and likely does have signs of wear and tear, marks and discolouration, as it is not a new product. Product images are for illustration only. The purchase of this item is not exchangeable, returnable or refundable.





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Pieces will be dispatched as soon as lockdowns are lifted and it is safe to do so.

90% of net proceeds from the sale will support animal welfare.