Sporty tank top with floral back: Sonakshi Sinha

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This sporty blue racer back is all about fun and games!

Size:US S / UK 10 

Proceeds from this sale support education & healthcare for the underprivileged through Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation.


Buyers accept that this item is a used piece, and the fact that it has been used is part of its value. Hence, buyers accept the condition of the product as received, acknowledging that it may and likely does have signs of wear and tear, marks and discolouration, as it is not a new product. Product images are for illustration only. The purchase of this item is not exchangeable, returnable or refundable.




This piece has been handpicked by Sonakshi Sinha from her personal closet for the Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe closet-sharing initiative for a cause.

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70% cotton 30% polyester, wash at or below 40°C, do not bleach, tumble dry low temperature, iron at low temperature, do not dry clean